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Tuesday, May 26, 2020 

As most of us prepare to re-open and return to what may be a permanent new normal, we’re all understandably dealing with a myriad of emotions. Fear, anxiety, and concern try to dominate our thoughts, while excitement, relief, and optimism work to overpower their more negative counterparts. Without a doubt, we are dealing with a worldwide event that has literally tested and changed, most everything we took for granted.

And this is precisely why we’re excited and optimistic about our future! This is when the spirit of American resolve kicks in. It’s during these times when exceptional ingenuity, creativity, and adaptability emerge, challenging all previous norms, patterns, and conventional wisdom. We rise and rebuild, better and stronger than ever before…by necessity! We know most of you are already on it!

We, in the business of space design and decoration have great opportunities ahead.  Projects that have been put on hold, will return. As people stayed at home, they spent countless hours looking and thinking about all the work that needs to be done. There is pent up demand, and we all stand to benefit!

Here at Fine Art, we have been working diligently to produce enhanced digital content.  We have launched our new, more interactive website, our 2020 Digital Catalog, and a dynamic Custom/Contract Brochure showcasing our design and American manufacturing capabilities. We also have new look social content!  Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Most excitingly, we are virtually opening up our Miami facilities to you, offering live Zoom tours of our unique metal fabrication, finishing processes, and American studio glass. Contact us to set one up for your teams. We promise you’ll be amazed.

Of course, our core strength remains product design. Look for new introductions on our website the first week of June! And as we move together into the future, here is our commitment to you, our loyal customers…

We will:

  • Provide the most unique, exquisite and sophisticated product designs on the market
  • Deliver product quality and attention to detail unsurpassed in the industry
  • Ensure a customer experience that reflects that YOU are special and indispensable

We look forward to re-engaging, and profoundly THANK YOU for your continued support of our brand…Made In America! We are here to support your discerning lighting needs and will deliver nothing less than Fine Art!

Welcome back! May you all stay safe and healthy. We wish you much success. God bless!

Tuesday, April 7, 2020 

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.”
— Aristotle

We at Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting would like to extend our heartfelt well wishes to each and everyone of you who have been impacted by COVID19, directly or indirectly. Our thoughts are with all of you and while life may be a bit different for a while, we will all get through this together.

As a US manufacturer, we continue to remain open while following all guidelines to ensure the safety of our employees and we remain committed to doing all that we can to assist you during this time. Should you need anything, please contact us at:

Customer Service
T: 305-821-3850

T: 305-821-3850

Friday, March 21, 2020 

For over 80 years, your loyalty to our brand has been the cornerstone to our success.  The well-being of our employees, customers, and our communities are our foremost priority. Today, as we all deal with the unprecedented circumstances posed by the coronavirus (COVID-19), the Fine Art family unites in the hope that all of you, your families and colleagues, stay healthy and safe throughout this temporary ordeal.

Based on guidelines recommended by healthcare and government leaders, we have taken significant steps to ensure the safety of our employees within our operations.  We will continue to monitor local and national guidelines and communicate any changes as they happen. For now, we are proceeding as follows:

Uninterrupted Production and Delivery
We are made in the USA, and thankfully are fully operational at this time. Our new manufacturing facility in Miami meets all guidelines for cleanliness and social distancing, allowing us to continue to produce and ship our handcrafted artistry to you and your customers as scheduled. Should anything change, we will communicate immediately.

Virtual Design Service
Our Design and Engineering teams continue to create exciting new products and review customization requests via video conferencing.  As most of us are restricted in face to face interaction, we are developing virtual product presentations allowing you to experience our works of art, as you plan for future design projects.  We are here to assist you!

New Digital Catalog/Website
We have just introduced our new look 2020 Digital Catalog, including our most recent introductions. Additionally, we invite you to visit our new, expanded website at, for additional product information and updates on our current situation.

Finally, we want to recognize and thank all who are tirelessly working around the clock to fight this virus, save lives, and ensure we return to normalcy as soon as possible. These are very challenging times and we are inspired to see our communities rising to the task. We are confident in the world’s speedy recovery and look forward to working with you on your next successful project.