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Mirage 12.25″H Sconce

DESCRIPTIONWith its inviting swirls in the handblown glass echoing the gentle whirl of a desert zephyr, this Mirage wall sconce transforms light into a visual poetry that dances across the room. The charm of the upcycled shagreen and the elegance of mixed metals are not just a figment of imagination but tangible, customizable luxuries that elevate the everyday. Mirage is a testament to the beauty of dreams made real, an enduring emblem of refined taste and sophistication.MODEL NUMBER100043-513FINISHSoft Gold Leaf/Brass/Black KnightDIMENSIONS12.25″ H x 12.5″ W x 7.25″ D ( 31 cm x 32 cm x 18 cm )NET WEIGHT17 lbs., 8 kgsELECTRICALUS Bulb: B10, 60W, Candelabra, Not IncludedINTL Bulb: C37 E14, 6.5W, Candelabra, Not Included(QTY 1)BLACK FINISH OPTIONS 100043-111Black Iron/Brass/Pebble100043-112Black Iron/Brass/Coco100043-113Black Iron/Brass/Black Knight100043-121Black Iron/Nickel/Pebble100043-122Black Iron/Nickel/Coco100043-123Black Iron/Nickel/Black KnightBRONZE FINISH OPTIONS 100043-211Bronze/Brass/Pebble100043-212Bronze/Brass/Coco100043-213Bronze/Brass/Black Knight100043-221Bronze/Nickel/Pebble100043-222Bronze/Nickel/Coco100043-223Bronze/Nickel/Black KnightGOLD LEAF FINISH OPTIONS 100043-311Gold Leaf/Brass/Pebble100043-312Gold Leaf/Brass/Coco100043-313Gold Leaf/Brass/Black Knight100043-321Gold Leaf/Nickel/Pebble100043-322Gold Leaf/Nickel/Coco100043-323Gold Leaf/Nickel/Black KnightSILVER LEAF FINISH OPTIONS 100043-411Silver Leaf/Brass/Pebble100043-412Silver Leaf/Brass/Coco100043-413Silver Leaf/Brass/Black Knight100043-421Silver Leaf/Nickel/Pebble100043-422Silver Leaf/Nickel/Coco100043-423Silver Leaf/Nickel/Black KnightSOFT GOLD LEAF FINISH OPTIONS 100043-511Soft Gold Leaf/Brass/Pebble100043-512Soft Gold Leaf/Brass/Coco100043-513Soft Gold Leaf/Brass/Black Knight100043-521Soft Gold Leaf/Nickel/Pebble100043-522Soft Gold Leaf/Nickel/Coco100043-523Soft Gold Leaf/Nickel/Black KnightCHAMPAGNE FINISH OPTIONS 100043-611Champagne/Brass/Pebble100043-612Champagne/Brass/Coco100043-613Champagne/Brass/Black Knight100043-621Champagne/Nickel/Pebble100043-622Champagne/Nickel/Coco100043-623Champagne/Nickel/Black KnightMIDNIGHT STEEL FINISH OPTIONS 100043-711Midnight Steel/Brass/Pebble100043-712Midnight Steel/Brass/Coco100043-713Midnight Steel/Brass/Black Knight100043-721Midnight Steel/Nickel/Pebble100043-722Midnight Steel/Nickel/Coco100043-723Midnight Steel/Nickel/Black Knight


Made in the USASafety Rating: Meets Applicable UL StandardsLocation Rating: Indoor DryOther info: Available in Champagne (gold), Midnight Steel (black) and our five Standard Finishes with choice of satin brass or nickel accents and three upcycled shagreen options: Pebble, Coco or Black Knight.
Our Finishes: Due to variations in monitors, the colors shown here cannot absolutely represent true quality and color. Prior to ordering, please reference finish samples available through your local showroom or Our customer service department.Our Studio Glass: Our studio glass is handmade individually in Miami. Slight variations in shape, size and markings are the characteristics that distinguish art glass from mass-produced glass.
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