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Careers - Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting

For generations, Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting has stayed passionately devoted
to creating the finest handcrafted lighting. We design and create using timeless
artisan style and techniques. In addition to being an awesome place to work,
we offer competitive salaries and a complete benefits package.

Take a look at our openings below and start your Fine Art journey today!

Applications are accepted Monday thru Friday, 9am – 5pm at
3840 West 104th Street, Suite 20, Hialeah, FL 33018
Phone: (305) 821-3850 Fax: (305) 675-8263
Email resumes to: [email protected]

Se aceptan aplicaciones – lunes a viernes, de 9am – 5pm
3840 West 104th Street, Suite 20, Hialeah, FL 33018
Teléfono: (305) 821-3850 Fax: (305) 675-8263
Por favor mande su resume a: [email protected]

SALES DEPARTMENT: Email resumes to: [email protected]


  • Responsible for developing strategies and acquiring sales for this territory.
  • Will work closely with internal Sales and Marketing teams, to service new and current accounts as well as conducting site and project visits in our facility.
  • Through extensive customer engagement, including but not limited with lighting stores, furniture stores and designers, this individual will personify the Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting brand, be the voice of the brand, and emphasize the benefits and characteristics of the brand, in a persuasive and credible manner.
  • He/she will build solid, long-lasting relationships which generate positive thoughts about the brand, leading customers not only to buying the brand, but also to the self-fulfillment associated with possessing it.
  • Previous similar experience required.
  • Must be willing to travel 4 times per year to Dallas and High Point as well as perform factory tours in person or virtual.
  • Must have reliable transportation and must live in Dade or Broward County.
  • Bilingual (English / Spanish) is preferred.

GLASS DEPARTMENT: Email resumes to: [email protected]

COLD GLASS WORKER (FT Regular) – Individual with experience working in the cutting and processing of cold glass material. Requires good math skills and manual dexterity, attention to detail, and prolonged standing (8 hours +). Previous glass cutting experience REQUIRED. Bilingual (English/Spanish) preferred.

TRABAJADOR DE CRISTALES (FT Regular) – Individuo con experiencia para trabajar en el corte y el proceso de preparación de cristales. Requiere habilidades aritméticas, habilidad manual, atención al detalle, y estar parado por largo tiempo (8 horas o mas). Se prefiere persona Bilingue (Inglés/Español).

GLASSBLOWER (FT Regular) – To work in off-hand blowpipe technique in the manufacturing of Murano style glass. Requires previous experience, ability to lift up to 75 lbs with assistance, physical ability to work in an environment with a temperature up to 110 degrees, manual dexterity, attention to detail, and prolonged standing (8 hours +). Bilingual (English/Spanish) preferred.

SOPLADOR DE VIDRIO/CRISTALES (FT Regular)Para trabajar en el soplar  de vidrio con técnica tipo MURANO. Requiere experiencia previa,  habilidad de cargar hasta 75 lbs con asistencia y él poder trabajar en temperaturas hasta 110 grados F, destreza manual, atención al detalle, y  estar parado por largo tiempo (8 horas o más). Se prefiere persona Bilingüe (Inglés/Español).

METAL DEPARTMENT: Email resumes to: [email protected]

CUTTER  FT-RegularTo ensure that metal raw material is cut using jigs, drawings, samples and visual references in preparation for the next phase of production, according to quality standards and daily production quotas. Requires manual dexterity, attention to detail, organizational skills, and knowledge of dimensions, angles, measures, fractions, numerical ability and accuracy. Ability to handle products weighing up to 50 lbs.

CORTADOR  FT-RegularPara cortar el metal usando “jigs”, dibujos, muestras y referencia visual en preparación para la próxima fase de producción de acuerdo a las normas de calidad y la cuota diaria de producción. Requiere coordinación manual, atención al detalle, habilidades organizativas, conocimiento de medidas, ángulos, fracciones, y habilidades numéricas. Certeza y habilidad para cargar producto pesando hasta 50 lbs.

WELDER –FT- Regular- To insure that metal components are welded and fabricated according to specifications (jigs, drawings, samples, and visual references) in preparation for the next phase of production according to quality standards and daily production quotas.  Under supervision, performs welding operations and/or other duties. Able to operate various types of machine tools (Mills, Drill press, Cutters & manual equipment) and performs progressive welding operations for Metal Department with close tolerances or high welding techniques to get a high quality finish on the welding points.  Uses hand tools and measuring instruments. A minimum of 2 years of experience of MIG and TIG (Heliarc) Welding and/or Welding Certification required. In addition, manual dexterity, attention to detail, organizational skills, knowledge of dimensions, angles, measures, fractions and numerical ability and accuracy. May handle product weighing up to 50 lbs.

SOLDADOR –FTRegular – Para soldar el metal de acuerdo a las especificaciones (jigs, dibujos, muestras y referencia visual) en preparación para la próxima fase de producción, de acuerdo a las normas de calidad y la cuota diaria de producción. Bajo supervisión realiza trabajos de soldadura y otras tareas. Debe saber operar varios tipos de maquinas (Mills, taladros cortadoras y equipos manuales). Realiza operaciones progresivas de soldadura para el departamento de metales y altas técnicas de soldadura para obtener un terminado de alta calidad en los puntos. Usa herramientas de mano e instrumentos de medición. Debe tener 2 años de experiencia de técnicas de soldadura usando máquinas MIG & TIG y (Heliac) o una certificación de Soldador es requerida.  Necesita tener destreza manual, atención al detalle, cualidades organizativas, conocimientos de dimensiones, ángulos, medidas, fracciones, habilidad y exactitud numéricos. Habilidad de cargar producto pesando hasta 50 lb.

PRODUCTION DEVELOPMENT: Email resumes to: [email protected]


  • Must interpret and document from a concept drawing and verbal communications with the designer.
  • Provides design input and obtains approval of final design documentation.
  • Creates and maintains the necessary documentation needed to support the manufacturing of quality and accurate models, componentry, and new styles through the production of component drawings, build to prints, customer instructions, and other necessary documentation.
  • Associates/Technical Degree or 3 to 4 years experience required in AutoCAD drafting.
  • Experience in Project management – ability to plan own projects, establish priorities, and meet deadlines required.
  • Proficient in AutoCAD 2D and 3D is required as well as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook.
  • Knowledge of SolidWorks and Photoshop is preferred.
  • Bilingual (English / Spanish) is required.



  • Responsible for developing new product designs from concept to production.
  • Coordinates with the PD staff in the creation of drawings, models, tooling, and prototypes.
  • Ensures that all documentation, processes, and systems necessary such that new product designs are compliant with applicable electrical product standards and can be reproduced consistently and within established margins.
  • Strong creative abilities to conceptualize complex geometry and understanding of manufacturing processes.
  • AutoCAD experience required.
  • BS in Industrial Design / Engineering required.
  • 3 – 7 years related experience required.



  • Responsible for the overall supervision of the Assembly Department.
  • Ensures that the department meets or exceeds required goals, while increasing productivity, reducing costs and finishing products on time and in a quality conscious fashion.
  • Responsibilities include but are not limited to: Provides technical direction and prioritizes work for department staff, ensures the proper resources exist (materials, tools, labor etc.) for production, ensures assembly schedules are met and proper documentation is processed and other related duties.
  • Technical knowledge and hands on experience of Assembly processes and trouble shooting skills related to such.
  • 3 to 5 years Supervisory experience in Assembly within a manufacturing environment, or relevant College Degree with 1+ yrs of manufacturing experience. (Preferably in the Home Furnishing industry).
  • Strong organizational skills, excellent communication, and interpersonal skills.
  • Bilingual English / Spanish required.


MATERIAL HANDLER (STOCKROOM)/DATA ENTRY (FT Regular) – This position will store, pull, and issue parts in the raw material stockroom. Transfers raw material or finished goods from one department to another within the warehouse. Requires manual dexterity, attention to detail, and prolonged standing (8 hours +). Prior material handling, inventory control, shipping and receiving, and/or stockroom experience preferred. Performs data entry, issues, receipts, requisitions, stock returns, and cycle counting functions as required in the Inventory Control Department. Experience in Data Entry into ERP Systems preferred. Requires ability to lift up to 50 lbs.

MANEJADOR DE MATERIALES (ALMACEN) ENTRADA DE DATOS(FT Regular) –Esta posición es para guardar, sacar y asignar las partes del almacén de materiales. Transfiere materiales o mercancía de una parte a otra del almacén.  Requiere habilidad manual, atención al detalle, y estar parado por largo tiempo (8 horas o mas). Se requiere persona con experiencia en inventario y/o recibos y envíos de almacén. realiza entradas de datos, emisiones, recibos, solicitudes, devoluciones de existencias y funciones de conteo cíclico como requerida en el Departamento de Control de Inventarios. Requiere habilidad de cargar materiales pesando hasta 50 libras.

QUALITY AUDITOR (FT Regular) – The quality Auditor is responsible for assuring that assigned manufacturing department(s), produce to establish Quality levels.  Their responsibilities are to inspect, documents, and communicate an adherence and deviation to quality. Core Skills/Competencies include Relationship building orientation, high energy and tolerance for stress, personable, skillful listener, flexible, creative, non-defensive, professional and positive attitude. Quality Auditor should be viewed by others as resourceful, efficient, and innovative, in thoughts/actions, systemic in their approach towards systems and processes. 1-year minimum of manufacturing experience with FAL, or 2 years of relevant Quality Inspector/Auditor required. Position will require Computer proficiency (Data Entry Minimum). Fluent written and oral English and Spanish skills preferred.

AUDITOR DE CALIDAD (FT Regular) – El auditor de calidad es responsable de asegurar que los departamentos de fabricación asignados produzcan para establecer los niveles de calidad. Sus responsabilidades son inspeccionar, documentar y comunicar el cumplimiento y la desviación de la calidad. Las habilidades / competencias básicas incluyen la orientación a la construcción naval de relaciones, alta energía y tolerancia al estrés, oyente agradable y hábil, actitud flexible, creativa, no defensiva, profesional y positiva. El auditor de calidad debe ser visto por otros como ingenioso, eficiente e innovador, en pensamientos / acciones, sistémico en su enfoque hacia los sistemas y procesos. Se requiere un mínimo de 1 año de experiencia en fabricación con FAHL, o 2 años de inspector / auditor de calidad relevante. El puesto requerirá dominio de la computadora (ingreso de datos mínimo). Se prefiere el dominio del inglés y el español oral y escrito con fluidez.

FINISHING DECORATORFT-Regular – The Finishing Decorator is responsible for, following detailed written instructions in combination with verbal instructions.  The Finishing Decorator is responsible for decorating lamp and components making sure production goals are met in accordance with established product and quality standards. Following written instructions and verbal instructions (as needed), to performs the work coordination.  Performs inspection of incoming product (Chandelier, Mirrors, Tables, Floor Lamps, Table Lamps and Accessories etc.), checks product for damage, repairs as needed, or missing components.  Ensures that all components and supplies required for the finishing operation are in the workstation, (SOP’s & Finishing Samples) etc. Decorates lamps utilizing proper tools, samples and documentation.  Previous experience in the finishing operation preferred.

DECORADORA DE ACABADOFT-Regular – Este decorador trabaja de acuerdo a los detalles de las instrucciones escritas y habladas. Este decorador aplica distintas terminaciones al product y mantiene metas de produccion de acuerdo al producto exigido y calidad. Performa inspeccion del producto (Chandelier, Mirrors, Tables, Floor Lamps, Table Lamps and Accessories etc.), chequea el producto para daños, y/o reparaciones necesarias o partes necesarias. Requiere habilidad manual, atención al detalle, y estar parado por largo tiempo (8 horas o mas). Tiene que tener la habilidad para mover product de hasta 50 lbs. con asistencia. Necesita tener coordinacion de motor, habilidad manual y atencion al detalle y ser una persona organizada. Se prefiere persona con experiencia en decoración.


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