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We offer you the freedom and flexibility to contract customized products and create original designs to meet your most discerning tastes and exacting specs. The process is one of total artistic collaboration between designer, architect, specifier, and maker to bring about the ultimate refinement of handcrafted lighting. You will receive a spectacular work of art sure to exceed your expectations—on time and on budget.

We provide a skilled team of lighting professionals that consult with you in developing a lighting plan to enhance the space, highlight the architectural features, and achieve the ambiance you desire. We offer a portfolio of thousands of original designs in a vast array of styling from which to choose, and as a true vertical manufacturer in America, we can customize our designs to meet your unique requirements.

Our experience, design and creativity allow us to partner in creating bespoke, iconic pieces at any scale, starting with just a sketch, inspirational photo, or idea. We can handle any size order. There are no minimum quantity requirements. We meet all ADA requirements. And we utilize our international partnerships and logistics expertise to bring additional sources of materials and value-engineering to meet your specific design and budget needs.

As an international company serving more than 70 countries, we offer international wiring certifications including:
UL/ETL (US), CSA (Canada), CE, SASO, and GOST.


244 custom studio glass ibises were installed in the atrium of the University of Miami’s Lennar Foundation Medical Center in Miami, FL.

Custom crystal chandeliers and original modern sconces for St. Regis Hotel lobby in Bal Harbour, FL.

Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting Hard Rock Hotel

Lighting for the new iconic Guitar Hotel, at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida.


Create your own works of handcrafted lighting. Through our exclusive customization program, we offer you infinite possibilities. Whether your goal is to create unique pieces, or to modify any of our thousands of existing products, no custom project is too big, including site-specific custom installations. Our expert territory managers are available to work with you on-site to advise on your plans, concepts, and lighting design requirements. Lead time on customization varies depending on complexity, with most custom projects having an approximate lead time of only 12 weeks.



Original innovative design is the defining standard that runs through all Fine Art creations by both our in-house and guest designers. We offer comprehensive customization that is designed entirely around you.


Creating individual parts, assemblies and large-scale structures, our metalworkers marry art with science to forge, meld, and cast the ultimate artistic refinements of metal.


We honor the glassmaking roots of Fine Art with a state-of-the-art studio glass facility where master craftsmen create inspired glass for fixtures and site-specific sculptural installations.


Exquisite finishes are the trademark of all Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting collections. Many of the finishes require dozens of steps and applications to achieve the desired effect. Each piece is handcrafted with a unique finishing process, making it a one-of-a-kind work of art.


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