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In Fine Art’s glass department, a “bakehouse” for crystal has been created by our glass makers, giving its name to a new concept of art-glass lighting. A five-day process of hand-creating crystal spires, crystal river stones and crystal colored shards, then baking and annealing them for several days at high temperatures to form a massive block which is then carefully polished. Bubbles and seeds formed naturally in the slow bakehouse process add to the dynamic effect when the slabs are illuminated by hidden fluorescent light. The entire crystal composition comes to life. Available in silver, silver leaf and bronze finishes with four different looks—Crystal River Stones; Crystal Spires; Crystal Shards Blue: Cobalt & Aqua; and Crystal Shards Neutrals: Carnelian & Citrine. Dimming is not available because the optimum lighting effect has been chosen in the bulb specification. Lower lighting levels give off very little light and do not show the art glass to best effect. It is possible however to use lower wattages if desired.


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